S​arah Brown

  Sarah completed a Bachelor in Business degree in her home town of Auckland and went on to Event Management before her 5 years in the interior department in the Super Yacht sector.

 After completing a business degree in 2004 she went on to work for several years in corporate marketing, communications and event management, both in New Zealand and in London.

Sarah join the superyacht industry after completed a range of qualifications, in the summer of 2010. Her event management skills came in handy and she was promoted to Chief Stewardess in 2011.

She worked on busy charter boats in the Mediterranean, predominantly based out of the French Riviera, and learnt to speak French to be able to manage concierge services and provisioning, as well as gaining vast local knowledge of the area. She dealt with a wide range of guests with varying requirements and learnt to adapt service to the needs of the individual while maintaining yachting standards.

In 2014 she left the industry to return home to Auckland, where she established a short-term accommodation business, utilizing the standards and principles learnt in the yachting industry.

Sarah encourages students to participate proactively and work as a team, in order to be prepared for life onboard, and she believes that having a wide adaptable skill set relevant to yachting is the key to success in the industry.  
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